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PORTER 13 inches Backpack for MacBook.

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Price in USD 239 USD
Price in JPY 28,170.93 JPY
Product Code SKU 00473
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PORTER 13 inches Backpack for MacBook

This is The PORTER 13 inches backpack Apple Online Store limited. Its main material is durable polyester. It is equipped with a separate Mac storage compartment, made of mesh material with cushioning properties, for careful protection of equipment. IPad retractable pocket in interior. Exterior both sides retractable mesh pocket for iPhone and adapter. Equipped with zipper pocket. Optimal functionality for Apple product users.

Apple Online Store Limited Edition

Independent Mac storage compartment

Good for MacBook Air 11 · 13 inches. It is equipped with a separate compartment for the MacBook Pro 13 inches Retina display model.

Wide opening

The Mac zipper storage compartment has a wide frontage

Careful protection of Mac devices without damaging their body

The Mac storage part uses cushioned mesh material.

Fulfilling pockets

Storing pocket for IPad. It is equipped with a pocket that can store the accessories such as iPhone and adapter. Front pocket allows you to store other objects such as wallets and paperback.

Chest strap included

The chest strap allows a firm attachment to the body. The shoulder strap is less likely to slide down from the shoulder.

Zipper pull PORTER engraved


Height: about 445mm

Width: about 290mm

Weight: about 955g

Length: about 145mm

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