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Kotoshina KS BATH MILK LE 200mL Lemon fragrance

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Product Code SKU 00506
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KS BATH MILK LE 200mL Lemon fragrance


A lemon fragranced bath milk formulated with natural spa water from France for beautiful skin and moisturizing ingredients including citrus, organic green tea extracts and tea seed oil from Uji, Kyoto. Naturally derived ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, and sweet almond oil will moisturize skin to leave it dewy and smooth.

  • Gamarde les Bains water in France is traditionally known to beautify skin.
  • 99% of the ingredients are naturally derived.
  • Contains organic agricultural origin ingredients certified by Qualité France and Japanese Agricultural Standards.
  • This organic cosmetic product has been certified by Cosmébio.
  • No artificial coloring used.
  • Pour appropriate amount (15-20ml) into bathtub before filling with hot water. Stir with your hand as needed.

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