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The North Face BITE 25 Bag. Backpack for Apple Gadgets.

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Product Code SKU 00456
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Black and Silver


New BITE25 Backpack by The North Face

Fans of The North Face's ruggedly cool BITE20 will be pleased to know that it has been upgraded and rereleased. The new BITE25 has the same great features as its predecessor. It's only available in black, camouflage and black and silver only in the Japanese market, so order yours from Japan Goods Finder now and we'll ship it to anywhere in the world!

Product features

This urban backpack can hold MacBook, iPhone, iPad and its peripherals.

Suitable for 13, 15, and 17 sizes. With slits for each size.

There are pockets and more convenient features.

The resistant outer fabric is suitable for durable outdoor wear.

iPhone and iPod pockets and the like.

Equipped with a mesh pocket for storage of small items

The pack compartment for MacBook is useful when checking in at the airport.

Pockets conveniently sized for holding 13 inches iPad.

iPhone and iPod can be stored as well.

Product Specifications

Material: TPE Laminated fabric (polyester 100%), 840D nylon (100% Nylon)

Color: (K) Black, Camo and Black/SIlver Capacity: 25L

Technical Specifications

Size: D x W x H: 29 x 46.5 x 16 cm

Weight: 1,130 g

Brand: The North Face

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