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OAKLEY “Jupiter Clear”. Red. Oakley x BEAMS

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Product Code SKU 00115
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OAKLEY “Jupiter Clear”. Red. Oakley x BEAMS


Debuted in 1985 "Frogskins Since the first Wellington style and "Jupiter (Jupiter)."

Popular "Frogskins" have a modern taste design, as well as a fashion sense that has evolved largely increasing the functionality and comfort in terms of protecting the eyes. The frame material patented "O Matter ®" uses a lightweight and durable material with excellent impact resistance.



Founded in 1975 OAKLEY (OAKLEY)]. Fusion of high-order products without compromising functionality and design are both highly regarded, U.S. Army Special Forces were formally adopted in other SEALS or Delta Force, snowboarding, baseball's top products and the Oakley Golf I loved the.


Item Details


Type : MEN

Category : Accessories > Sunglasses glasses

Color: Red


Material : Plastic

Item Size

Size                 Temple           Frame            Lens

ONE SIZE     13.1                 13.3                 3.8 × 5.5

Brand: OAKLEY Jupiter. Oakley x BEAMS

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