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Oil End. Cooking Oil Disposal Solidifier. Business package.

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JGF SELECT Product Details:
Price in USD 279 USD
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Product Code SKU 00249
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Oil End. Cooking Oil Disposal Solidifier. Business package.

 500 g bags x 20

 Product Description

 “Oil-End” (Cooking Oil Disposal Solidifier). Business package

 Business package for the disposal of huge amounts of cocking oil in commercial establishments, at a low price.

 20 bags of 500 g each. Total = 10,000 g (for 300 L of oil)

 10 g of Oil End solidify 300 mL of oil

500 g of Oil End solidify 15,000 mL of oil

10,000 g of Oil End solidify 300,000 mL = 300 L of oil

 Total net weight = 10,000 g

 Each 20 g sachet solidifies up to 600ml of used oil for environmentally friendly disposal.

 Take care of used oil easily without any mess on your hands or kitchen.

 Solidifies food remainings along with used oil, so that it is easy to clean up a cooking pan and tools.

 Cooking oil disposal is a messy problem. The smart ones pour used oil into mason jars, but the unlucky have learned what happens when they pour hot oil into plastic garbage bags that fall apart, or even their sinks, corroding pipes and causing plumbing problems.

 But despite these setbacks, we still use a lot of cooking oil, especially if you’re learning how to cook Japanese dishes like Tempura.

 Deep frying fanatics, worry no more. This Japanese product that is incredibly useful, called “Oil-End” solidifies used cooking oil for convenient disposal.

 One 20 gram packet of powder will solidify 600 mL of oil, making it easy to handle and combine with your other waste.

 “Oil-End” works very quickly. Once you are done with the oil, stir in the powder and let it cool. After the oil has coagulated, scoop out the solidified mass of oil and “Oil-End” and throw it away.

 Whether you are making French fries, fried chicken, fish and chips, or any meal that uses a decent amount of cooking oil, consider using “Oil-End” in order to dispose of the used cooking oil.

Brand: Oil End

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